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Shutterbabes Studio is a comprehensive photographic image art house encompassing individual portrait, family, wedding, pregnancy photography and creative portfolio work for individuals with high quality requirements. Shutterbabes Studio is led by principal photographer and creative director Jasmine Au.


Shutterbabes represents creativity manifested in photographic image, the culmination of Jasmine’s two decades pursuing her passion for art through photography. This love affair with the camera started at the early age of 15 and has been an artistic mainstay ever since. Coming from a cultured and international background and educated in the UK and Australia is where Jasmine’s version for photography and art matured in line with this global backdrop. This early illumination sparked a lifelong mission to use her skills to evoke the beauty and inner charisma in everyone and everything she photographs.


At Shutterbabes Studio the whole experience centres around making each client feel and look alluring, mysterious and extraordinary while capturing those moments in beautiful images. Each client receives personalized individual attention in order to create an intimate setting where the best images and emotions can be captured.


If you are considering wedding or family portraits, Shutterbabes Studio creates the finest environment and conditions to immortalize your special day and/or family in exquisitely memorable images that will bring joy for years to come.


Understanding your unique and highly personalised requirements for emotionally intimate memories and how best to invoke and capture these moments in beautiful imagery is at the core of the Shutterbabes philosophy.  


Thank you for visiting the Shutterbabes website.

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